ACC/WCC Virtual Experience March 28 – 30

Dear Connecticut ACC Colleagues,

Please allow me to take a moment to thank you all for the selfless acts of patient care during these trying and dangerous times. I will not belabor or repeat what we have heard and will continue to hear over the next weeks. We will weather this storm together.

Concurrent with dealing with this pandemic, the ACC has continued to work tirelessly to produce the annual ACC meeting. This of course, will be a virtual meeting but, having seen previews, I assure you that the quality and depth of these meetings is nothing less than extraordinary. Program chair, Andy Kates and co-Chair Pamela Morris have been working on this meeting for well over a year and their insights will be evident.

The ACC.20/WCC planning team has been hard at work on the very difficult circumstances to create a virtual experience that leverages our new technologies, educational formats to bring ACC 20/WCC virtual directly to cardiovascular clinicians and other key stakeholders worldwide.

The link is here: — This session is free.

— This session : ACC20/WCC virtual experience will take place Saturday March 28 through Monday, March 30 and will offer three days of science and learning with “live” access to 23 education sessions that include late breaking clinical trials, featured clinical research, young investigator awards, and keynotes.

— An additional 30 pathway sessions along with Dr. Valentin Fuster’s “Clinical Update for the Clinician” will be available on demand – viewing anytime from 8 AM on Saturday March 28 to 5 PM Monday, March 30 and then will remain online for an additional 30 days.

— All oral, moderated poster and flat board poster session presentations will also be available “on demand” from March 28 – 30 and for 30 days there after.

I sincerely hope that everyone will take some time out of their very busy and chaotic schedules to participate. It is critical, especially in times like these, to continue learning, take mental refreshment, and support our colleagues from Connecticut and around the world.

This is our chance to strengthen our community. Sincerely,

Kevin G. Kett, MD, FACC President, Connecticut, ACC