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An update from Dr. Craig A. McPherson

Cardiologists all,

The attached PDF is a brief article about the cardiovascular effects of COVID-19 infection that was distributed
via the American College of Cardiology via its Board of Governors list server. It was brought to the attention
of the ACC by Dr. Norma Keller at NYU. The report was written by physicians in China, based upon observations they
made early in the Wuhan pandemic, as well as background information from past Coronavirus infections (SARS and MERS). It presents interesting and potentially clinically useful information of which we cardiologists should all be aware.

COVID-19 does attack the heart and may be the cause of death in patients >60 and/or those with history of heart disease. I recommend that you all read it.

~C. McP
Craig A. McPherson, MD, FACC
Director, Cardiac EP Service
Director, Cardiology Fellowship Program
Bridgeport Hospital
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Yale University School of Medicine
President & Governor, CT Chapter of the ACC
Phone: 203-384-3442

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