CCACC Legislative Update

Just two weeks remain in the 2015 regular session of the Connecticut General Assembly.  Among the tasks at hand are the completion of a budget and tax increases for the next two years and the outline and funding for a transportation infrastructure plan for the next 30 years.

For our part we are tracking 13 bills this session.   9 are still moving forward.  3 are counted as our priorities. 2 of these priorities address what has become a CCACC lead initiative that began 3 years ago in conjunction with aha.  CPR and AED training in schools; one SB 962 addresses a curriculum requirement in middle school education and one sb 684 addresses prioritizing optional curriculum as a requirement in high school education requirements.  Both Dr. Lancaster and Gloria Bindleglass have testified and remained vocal advocates as has the CCACC committee on CPR and AED training, at the capitol for the inclusion of “hands-on” CPR and AED training in our school curriculum.

These efforts again follow on the heel of efforts that resulted in a resolution by the state board of education last summer and engagement this year with health curriculum and program specialists from the state department of education.  The CCACC committee continues to build a close working relationship with the State Department of Education specialists.   The committee led by Dr. Lancaster is focused on developing programs that are affordable and effective in providing the educational value to encourage and empower young people learning these life-saving skills.

A third priority is our opposition to changing the tolling period for the statute of limitations for a negligence action brought by a minor SB 1028.  This bill getting the attention is somewhat surprising given past discussions.  The trial bar as you may imagine is not hesitating to seize on the momentum. We are working collaboratively with other medical specialty organizations and the CSMS to educate our members and urge them to contact their senators and representatives.   You will soon be receiving information as this effort ramps up over the next few weeks.  At present educational efforts are under way to bring more information to the legislative discussion.  This promises to be another round in a classic battle over medical liability.